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1 million dangerous and misinforming Covid-19 videos have been removed from YouTube since February 2020. “It’s not just what we take down, but how we treat all the content we leave up that gives us the best path forward, everyone should be armed with absolutely the best information available to keep themselves and their families safe”, Mahon explained in a blogpost where he broke down how YouTube handles misinformation.

“Speedy removals will always be important but we know they’re not nearly enough. Instead, it’s how we also treat all the content we’re leaving up on YouTube that gives us the best path forward.” Chief Product Officer,(YouTube) Neal Mohan.

Pointing out that bad content is only a small percentage, he said about 16-18% of total views turn out to be content that violates YouTube policies.

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He also noted that an overly aggressive approach towards removals can have a chilling effect on free speech adding that removals are a blunt instrument, and if used too widely, can send a message that controversial ideas are unacceptable.

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