Anger Mounts as Iraq Hospital Fire Death Toll Rises

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Locals are blaming the authorities for negligence after the death toll from a fire in a Covid-19 isolation unit in Northern Iraq rose to more than 60. Faulty wiring was blamed for the fire , with unfortunately more than 100 people getting injured in Nassiriya on Monday night.

The initial investigation showed that sparks from defective wires caused an explosion. Local police and civil defense authorities confirmed that the sparks spread to an oxygen tank, consequently the explosion. Angry relatives gathered at the local morgue waiting to receive information and bodies of their loved ones. Reuters witnesses have reported that the relatives clashed with the police and set ablaze at least two police vehicles.

It was a disaster. Health officials also confirmed that 21 bodies were still not identified. ”Sick people were burnt to death, no quick response to put off the fire”, complained the relatives adding that there were no enough firefighters and prompt response to the tragedy. The fire trapped patients inside the Corona Virus Ward, Rescue teams struggled to reach them . There are still fears that others could still be trapped inside the building. Two medical staff members and a security guard are among those who were killed during the fire. The new unit opened three months ago. A committee has been formed to investigate the incident.

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