August 3rd 2021, Goodbye Twitter Fleets

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Fleets were introduced to help people engage in conversation more on Twitter and share thoughts. However since the introduction the number of people engaging in fleets did not increase. People have anxieties and are reluctant in sharing their thoughts using Twitter but this did not make any difference. This is according to Twitter officials.

Twitter decided to explore other ways to help people have conversations and communicate. Therefore on July 14th they made the announcement regarding the discontinuation of the fleets feature, less than an year since they were introduced.

Currently, on top of our timeline we have Twitter Spaces. The response has been positively embraced as more and more people are engaging in conversations about different issues.

Twitter keeps striving to offer us a reliable platform thus recently announcing through their blog about their collaboration with The Associated Press (AP) and with Reuters. This is an effort to help identify and elevate credible information. Twitter users will notice increase in the scale and speed of their content. Read more here : Twitter Blog

Today is the last day for us to have fleets on top of our pages. Not sure how many of us will miss them.

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