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How do women perceive men with beards? Are full bearded men more attractive? This could vary from woman to woman. Should we generalize that men with beards or hairy faces appear to be more more masculine, more committed ,serious and probably sexy? Men with beards are associated with assertiveness, masculinity, strength, excellence or formidability.


For a one night stand are women more likely to go for the not so bearded guy?Women believe that beards are for commitment. Well, bearded men also seem to be more dominant. Women love men who are dominant. It makes them twice attractive as compared to meek men who appear to be more compliant with whatever and could be submissive at some point.


Apart from being finer than the smooth shaven men, they are considered to make better dads or fathers. They are seen as potentially better dads because they are assumed to stick around longer to protect their off springs and family. This sounds far fetched.

On the other hand some women will prefer non bearded men for all the reasons others will prefer bearded men. Some women find it even un hygienic and gross. Some think that potential parasites might even be found in bearded men. They are turned off by it. Grooming, culture and even exposure can play a part in one’s preferences.


A woman married to a man with beards might encourage the man to keep growing them. Bringing in the aspect of length, quantity, type of facial hair for instance, is it a full beard, a goatee, a ducktail, van dyke, circle beard and the rest. Some will even color or dye their beard.

Grooming might be influenced by trends and fashion too therefore playing a part in how we present ourselves.

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