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Society has it’s own way of defining gender norms. Being lady like entails being graceful, exhibiting behavior and characteristics stereotypically associated with the female gender.

With pressure to behave in ways culture considers appropriately feminine, one should not yield to this just to fit in or feel accepted. Sometimes we are not even consciously playing gender roles.

Be cheerful. Women are mostly expected to be cheerful. To smile and be positive. Females are supposed to be the friendly gender. This might sound fun but it might tire most of them as it conceals real emotions sometimes

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Walk , sit, talk gracefully. A woman should carry herself around gracefully. Shouting and rude women are a turn off.

Body language generally plays a big role in femininity. for instance crossing legs when sitting down and listening intently. Men may sit with their legs apart to signify dominance. It would be bizarre if a woman sat that way.

Freshening up or grooming. Women take care of their looks more than men. Although we may have double standards on how much a woman is expected to do their make up, comb their hair, re apply some perfume or powder their face, a lot of women will look in the mirror more than once in a day even when at work or just in the house to adjust a thing or two.


Nurture. Females are natural caretakers and nurturers. Female children will be more depended on to take care of their younger siblings. This may tire some women because people will expect you to watch their children even when you don’t have any. It is sometimes intrusive.

Men will also expect you to take care of them even during dating. Know where their socks are, cook for them, make sure the house is clean and other household responsibilities. So much free labor.

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