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Tesla is developing a humanoid robot which is expected some time next year. The robot is intended to navigate through the human world and handle dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks. The 5’8 Tesla bot will have a screen where the face of humans is , in order to display essential and useful information. Elon Musk has announced.

He said that physical work will become optional in the future. “But not right now because the robot does not work”, Musk said. He also said that the Robot will have a great profound impact on the economy. The bot will be friendly too and will replace most of human work which includes grocery shopping and other tasks.


He described the project as an extension of Tesla’s self driving cars. The robot will weigh 125 pounds and will be able to move as fast as 5 miles per hour. It will also be able to carry 45 pounds.

“Can you talk to it and say, ‘please pick up that bolt and attach it to a car with that wrench,’ and it should be able to do that,” Musk said. “‘Please go to the store and get me the following groceries. That kind of thing, I think we can do that, he said during Tesla’s inaugural AL Day. This was streamed on the company’s website on the night of August 19th.

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