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Measures to reduce political content on Facebook were first announced in February after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg received a lot of criticism against the platform for allowing an overload of political content to flood the news feed.

Facebook proceeded to launch tests in Canada, Brazil and Indonesia followed by USA to reduce political content. Facebook has announced positive results from the tests.

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Continuation and expansion of testing has now been announced by the company after months of the initial testing.

Tests to curb this have now been launched in Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain and Ireland.

We’ve learned that these changes will affect public affairs content more broadly and that publishers may see an impact on their traffic. Knowing this, we are planning a gradual and methodical rollout for these tests, but remain encouraged, and expect to announce further expansions in the coming months”, Facebook said on Updated Blog.

It is important to note that the platform is not doing away with political content entirely but only preserving the ability for people to find and interact with political content respectfully.

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