Ghosting” is when someone abruptly disappears from a relationship without any explanation and is unreachable.

Ghosting can also be referred to as the ‘fade-away‘.

Is it sensible to ghost someone to avoid confrontation or are there justified situations like violent relationships, stalking Et Cetera?

Is an explanation necessary for closure or is ghosting the easiest way out sometimes?

Different people share their view and experiences below;

Personally? I told a guy I was breaking up with him over text and blocked him on everything right after. He had cheated on me with 14 other people and hadn’t told me. Some people may have to ghost someone to end a relationship. Some people won’t take “no” for an answer, so resorting to other methods of escaping a toxic relationship can be necessary sometimes.

I’ve heard of people doing the “ghosting” thing to break off relationships. This behavior is that of a narcissist. Most narcissists can’t communicate or don’t and this is an easy way to end any relationship. I contend it’s cowardly to ghost someone to end a relationship. Furthermore, the ghosting thing is not going to end the relationship really. It may breed contempt from your partner because they will still be reaching out wondering what is going on. Don’t do this to anybody and waste their time. When they see you, it’s going to cause problems.  Let that mf live. If you don’t want to be bothered anymore, just say that and move on.

I don’t believe in ghosting people. I would much rather just be upfront and direct. If the feelings are not there, then they are not. And the sooner you tell the other person, the better.

The only time that I’ve ever truly ghosted someone, was upon exiting a relationship with a narcissist. And that is simply because the only way out of that relationship is to go completely non-contact. As for me though, I would prefer to just be honest. Yeah, even if they get upset, my plan is to never speak to them again anyway. So… It’s not like I have anything to lose by just being clear about my intentions.

No, ghosting is not my style. It reflects immaturity and psychological fragility and it is very disrespectful and cowardly. I have been ghosted a few times, thankfully I had nothing to lose as they were not relationships.

WHEN YOU GHOST YOU ROB THEM OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO GRACEFULLY accept the end of the relationship. Thinking they are going to go off on you and not want you to leave is also narcissistic. Maybe they also feel the need to leave but this way you both get the chance to “end well”. An amicable ending is ALWAYS the best thing for both parties.

No, I was grown up enough to end a relationship face to face. I let them know that I didn’t see a future with them. I was up front and honest with them about my feelings. The only time that it would be acceptable to ghost someone to end a relationship is if the other person is abusive. I would then stay as far away from them as I can. I wouldn’t want anyone to take a chance breaking up with someone face to face with a violent person. 

When you break off a relationship with someone, frequently they will experience some degree of sadness and confusion. An emotionally mature human being will give the other person a chance to discuss the relationship and ask questions for clarification before breaking off all contact.


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