Fast Rising and Promising Artist ”ALMA” Up-Close on Uncut Interviews..

She is a Young but equally skillful and lyrically gifted artist whose future in the Kenyan music Industry looks really bright. I would say even beyond, if her talent and music is anything to go by. She is versatile and her mix of Rap and Hip-Hop is excellent and has piqued the admiration of her fans. Alma...

Brian Mutinda, Not Your Ordinary Kind of Guy. Up-Close on Uncut Interviews..

He believes in owning what he wears. Looking all dapper and confident, Brian Mutinda is known for his gleaming looks, sense of humor which I kind of caught as a thing going on, gutsy, adventurous guy who is thrilled by biking. Tasteful. He is elegant yet cultured and loves Mutura.

Who is Dressing Eric Omondi ? Kenyan Designer to Watch Out For, MELINA GOLD Up-Close on Uncut Interviews

She is the one behind the latest Eric Omondi Fashion sense,. Eric Omondi was recently dripped in Melina Gold from head to toe in Tanzania in front of more that forty thousand people . She has dressed Ssaru, Aisha Wanjiku, Foi Wambui, Kush Tracey , Notti Flow, Rich Mavoko and more,.. she is non stoppable. The bold, Outspoken, Classy, Hot ,Go getter MELINA GOLD. I took sometime to get Up - Close with her on Uncut Interviews.