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Jalango has had a long weekend. So long that even his philanthropic act of paying rent arrears for one 21 year old Vincent Mboya was put to the test after the young lad gave the media personality 48 hours to collect his money.

He was shortly after linked to the “wash wash” scandal that was exposed by the “tea master” Edgar Obare. The comedian has since refuted the claims and associated his wealth to only honest hard work.


The comedian is a proud owner of a Range Rover Velar, Mercedes convertible, Mercedes V-Class, a Land Rover Discovery among other pricy cars. He associates the source of his money and success to his media company, (Arena Media), revenue from his fast growing YouTube channel and his work at Kiss 100. Moreover he is a brand ambassador for more than five big brands and also offering advertising and marketing services on his social media platforms.

Addressing the rumors this morning on Kiss 100, he denied all the accusations. “I would not even be waking up” , he said. He can not comprehend how he has been fixed up in the photos, how he is a part of money launderers, conmen and the whole dirty money business.

“If there is one thing you can never take from me, my integrity, I earned my money from honest work, I worked.”

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