LIL NAS X Does it Again, Industry Baby is a Bop!

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The long awaited hit from LIL NAS X is out finally after days of teasing. The almost viral marketing strategy for the hit which was accompanied by a mock legal battle with Nike seemed to have worked on his favor as thousands of people avidly waited for the release of the single.

The audacious hit maker has done it again. Nothing is taboo or off limits for the Montero hit maker. Looking self assured of his sexuality in the just released video , he proves yet again to be unstoppable. On his twitter handle he warned us that the video was ”not for your kids”. He was not fooling around. Homophobic haters and staunch Christians surely are not pleased with him right now. From dancing naked in the shower with a couple of his cellmates, twerking and a lot of sexy shenanigans, the music video is a must see. He is mastering his art ,silencing haters and trolls and has proven that he is not a one hit wonder.

He is clearly doing it for himself and believes that his fans should not have a made up version of him in their heads.

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