Order to Relocate the Dandora Dumpsite

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The Dandora dumpsite is both an environmental and health hazard. Located in Nairobi slums of Mathare , Dandora, Korogocho and Baba Ndogo it covers over 30acres, it is Nairobi’s main dumping site for over 850 tones of solid waste. Often controlled by gangsters, the area is consequently one of the most dangerous areas in Nairobi. Waste has polluted the soil, air and water which has affected the surrounding settlements. The area is characterized by pungent odor, frequent smoke and even insecurity.

Dandora Dumpsite
Dandora Dumpsite

About 10 years ago the dumpsite was declared full ,however today it is home to a mountain of refuse. Efforts to close or move the dumpsite have since been futile. Residents have filed a suit and stated the danger exposed by the site. A judge has ordered closure of the site in 6 months . A plan has been established to also separate and recycle the waste by Justice Kossy Bor. He has also ordered the NMS ( Nairobi Metropolitan Services ) to make sure that the new dumper is going to be user friendly.

The NMS working together with NEMA ( National Environment Management Authority ) should come up with the plan in the stated 6 months.

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