Sexy Beasts On NETFLIX is Ridiculously Tedious and Absurd

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This show is a close replica of ”Love is Blind”, Only that the contestants or players are masked and are on elaborate prosthetics, heavily made up so as to disguise their appearance or physical look; emphasis is on the face and neck. Intent being to blindly date whilst ignoring the superficial and only focus on the personality, which is quickly trashed by the ”model” contestants, with jaw dropping physique; this applying to all the players in the show. A Contestant looking for a ”good ass” also rubbishes the concept. It’s laughable.


Apparently each show is about someone single who has failed to find true love , because of their good looks. Three contestants or suitors per episode who are contesting to win him or her over. . They go on dates, are eliminated until one remains who is ultimately the sexy beast. On and on , just gibberish. What you see is not what you get, well that is if you had watched the trailer. Its in bad taste to convince the audience that the show is not about looks but personality whereas behind the masks, all the contestants are sizzling.

The commentary is commendable, with the narrator Rob Delaney salvaging some really unseemly parts of the show, you can tell he must be cringing with us. The whole 6 episodes are cringeworthy. More episodes are in the works after the first 6 but ”sexy beasts” is not as mind-boggling as I anticipated.

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