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Squid game on Netflix has become a must watch series. The popularity surrounding the Korean series on the streaming giant is undeniable. Get in on the trend or suffer the exclusion. Memes, discussions and analysis of the series have been flooding on social media since it’s release.

Netflix recently announced that Squid game is the biggest series they have ever launched. The series has already hit 111 million fans worldwide. Have you watched Squid game yet? Well, gamers including kids are thrilled with the different versions of games inspired by the hit series available on Roblox.

Roblox gamers have hopped on the trend. Taking inspiration from Squid game, the developers have already created their own Squid game world in the game. Millions of players on the platform are enjoying the ability to design games and play with friends.

There is a version of “red light green light” . VR developers have even developed playable versions of Red Light, Green Light for all headsets that scare off red and green lights.

Thanks to a fan version of the Green Light Challenge, Red Light Show in VR plays the Squid game. There are versions of the marble game, glass and the rope tag games. Each developed in Roblox version and design. Bunk beds are also available. Millions of fans have played this games on Roblox so far.

According to Forbes, Netflix has previously announced they want to get into the video game industry and publish games within their app based on their original series.

Netflix’s Minyoung Kim, VP of Content for Asia Pacific, has confirmed that yes, Netflix’s new interest in gaming has branched into an interest into turning Squid Game into a video game.

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