The Debate is Over: Messi wins First Copa America for Argentina

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Lionel Messi won his first major international title as Argentina beat Brazil in the Copa America final. This was a major win for Argentina considering the fact that they have not won the competition for 28years. Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in Saturdays Copa America final. the winning goal from Argentina came in the 22nd minute after a long pass was made to Angel DE Maria.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi and teammates celebrate – REUTERS.

A small crowd of around 7000 people watched the game. This is due to Covid -19 restrictions. The tournament had been delayed for one year because of the same. It had also been moved from it’s initial hosts Argentina and Columbia.

Angel DE Maria Celebrates. – REUTERS.

A tearful Messi was thrown up in the air after the end of the match.

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