The Plight of a House girl Who Was Employed by a Local TV Presenter

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In a heartbreaking Twitter thread yesterday, 33year old Marion Obunga narrated her ordeals with toxic bosses after working as a house girl for at least 7years. She explained how she was disrespected, scorned and maltreated by noxious bosses.


”My name is Marion Obunga. I’m 33 years old na nimefanya job ya housegirl for at least 7 years. Nimepitia the worst experiences na nimevumilia vitu the average worker hawezi. We live in people’s homes and become their slaves. Na pia salary huwa ni kama tu matusi. Still, tunajikaza;;

In 2018 she worked for a local TV presenter who did not even want her to look at her. The presenter even resulted to physical harm when she failed to deliver, regardless of the circumstances. The undisclosed TV presenter declined to pay her dues after an incident in Westlands after she requested her to deliver a wig.

In 2018, for instance, I was working for a top Kenyan female TV presenter. She was total hell. Malipo ilikuwa shida, sikuwa na days off, I was not allowed to look at her directly na I was forced to speak English all the time. Alikuwa aki shinda kwa blogs na scandals.

She once had an event in Westlands na akanishow nimpelekee a certain wig urgently. Traffic was bad na nilikuwa ndani ya Uber. Nikachelewa kufika na the moment I arrived, she grabbed the wig, threw it to my face, slapped me and then sacked me on the spot. Sikuwai lipwa salary

From forced watching of embarrassing sexual acts where she had and her colleagues had to watch her bosses engage in sexual activities like group sex, which they were required to clean up the messes after , being denied access to her phone for almost an year, being starved, being at the center of family feuds involving a scorned wife, Marion seems to have gone through it all.

And then I worked for this strange Indian couple that would, every Saturday, force me to watch group sex in their basement. Tulikuwa house girls watatu. We would be dressed up in uniforms, tunaleweshwa alafu we go to the basement where Indians on drugs would perform group sex.

After hours of watching them get very messy, tulikuwa tunaambiwa sasa tubaki nyuma we clean up the mess. Lubricants, condoms, sex toys, stuff zote. Clean them all up na tuziweke kwa kabati ready for next sato. Luckily, they paid better. But I eventually quit tu. Ilikuwa hell.

She loves writing and aspires to write a book about her experiences. In her own words, this is a job like any other. House girls should be treated with respect, working should not result in them suffering and affecting their mental health.

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