The Pod Squad is Back – Netflix’s ”-After the Altar” Love is Blind

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Drama delivery, check. The 3 episodes of Netflix’s ”Love is blind-After the altar” are now on Netflix. This is an extension of the highly successful Season 1 which had couples blindly dating and not meeting in person. Couples have now reunited after two years. Only two couples got married after the dating, social experiment. One person who conspicuously missed is Mark Cuevas.


The couples treat us to an experience of their daily lives. It’s obvious that even after two years ,a lot has not yet cooled down. Speed and Hamilton’s romance is still sizzling. Barnet and Pike are still talking about having children, as well as the Hamiltons. Amber explains to her mother about her fears in regard to having children later and her recent health issues.

The best treatment of the season 1 extension must be the massive party where most of the cast come together. Jessica approaches Barnett with a gift but she is humiliated and hit with ”I can not disrespect my wife”, which is kind of far fetched . C’mon , the girl is trying. Barnett literally walks away from her. Matt asks Caemron if he and Lauren are using condoms, awkward moment.

Diamond and Carlton who failed in dating despite even getting engaged. In the spin Carlton does not get to attend the party. Him and speed get into a confrontation about his sexuality. Diamond shows up to the party with a new date. He leaves before the party ends. Notable in three episodes is Giannina. Despite her belief that ”they were meant to be”, Damian brings Francesca Farago from ”Too hot to handle” to the party! Giannina interjects ”he is mine!”, ”This is bullshit”…. Both shout at each other at the end of the scene…


Too much drama. The three episode spin off is now available on Netflix. Definitely worth your while.

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