”There’s no Originality in Hip-Hop anymore!”, T-Pain Rants…

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A few weeks ago rapper T-Pain confessed that Usher’s criticism of his auto-tune made him depressed for four years. Usher told him that he ruined music, kickstarting this hard period in his life. He popularized the use of auto-tune. ”I’m Sprung”, his 2005 hit ended up on Billboard Hot 100. Other popular jams from the rapper include , Bartender, Buy U a Drank, I like dat, 5’Oclock and more.


On his latest Twitch livestream, the rapper ranted out on the lack of originality in hip hop. He said sh*t sounds the same and he insisted that rappers should stop sending him the same songs. ”Stop sending me the same music”, ”send me something different”…he quipped. Watch the video below,

”Do something different, just do something else”, he pleaded. ”Do something else. That’s it!”

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