Title on Pop Smoke’s Album Shared

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Steven Victor, Pop Smoke’s Manager shared what appears to be a title for the rapper’s up-coming album. The album has been teased for a while now. The unreleased album is bein hidden in posters around New York and Los Angeles. The artists’ Shoot for the stars , Aim for the moon was dropped in July 2020. He passed away in February 2020. The album opened at No.1 on the Billboard top 200. Every track also appeared on the Billboard top 100.

Migos Rapper Quavo is expected to be in on the project. It is suspected that Dua Lipa will also feature in. She posted a video on her Instagram page with the caption, ”YOU CAN’T SAY POP WITHOUT SMOKE-16 JULY. It’s just a handful of days before the project is released.

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