Violation of Covid-19 Protocols or Iniquity?

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Renown celebrity DJ Pierra Makena lividly took to Instagram a few hours ago lamenting disruption of her ‘Pack and Chill’ event in Meru by authorities. Her sound was even turned off and according to her, the event continued without her. Immediately she departed from the venue, police cars and trucks left behind her. She changed her car , went back to the same event and nobody even knew she was there.

Aggrieved , the DJ reprehended both Kiraitu Murungi and Mutahi Kagwe for her sentiments. According to her , she had followed all the protocols, all the rules and was approved.

Who else is frustrated by Kenya like me?????

This is 12pm today. Meru’s and my fans were ready. Even with all the regulations given they were ready to obey but make sure my home coming works… we got all approvals. We did everything right ….why would my own governor @hon_kiraitu_murungi say we be stopped. How have we broken any rule? We are out in the open. Guys were in their cars…why would you send for us to be stopped????????????? What have we done wrong?? Why would we be treated like we have robbed a bank???? We are trying to earn a genuine living!


She continued to imply that this must have been an inside job from malicious or spiteful people who hate to see other people do well or succeed.

It doesn’t matter the powers or connections one has…..what is yours shall remain yours. It doesn’t matter the money one has to manipulate for one to be frustrated….all i can say is its your turn now..the music stops on your side but God will not change my creativity. When the tables turn i shall be the one on the chair. Ni hayo kwa sasa.


She was frustrated, adding that we need solutions and we have to survive despite our circumstances, moreover, the authorities were wrong in disrupting her event despite her following all the Covid – 19 rules to the latter. ”Let’s be real!”

I personally went to Meru and picked these young people from their homes to be part of also they can benefit. Everywhere we go we try to sensitize the community on the covid reality not only give them money but also give them masks sanitizers and knowledge that they can share with the community……@mutahi_kagwe254 I’m really trying to be part of the solution. In the morning we had security briefing and they were instructed and trained on how to handle people and maintain covid protocols. The police was involved and part of this. So we were sorted.
We did everything right!! Why were we stopped? When we asked the reason….we were told @hon_kiraitu_murungi
Has instructed. The team came from MOH Meru came to the ground and i asked them to tell me what i have done wrong they could not pin point even one mistake. They just said we follow orders. IS THIS FAIR!!!!!! DO YOU THINK EVEN THE PRESIDENT KNOWS SUCH THINGS DO HAPPEN IN HIS GOVERNMENT??? COZ HII NI UKOLONI MAMBO LEO.

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