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Change your world view with the following top Netflix documentaries. Murder, lifestyle, food, crime, money and so much more.

  1. If you are a Money Heist fan, “Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin” will remind you why you can not wait for Part B of the last season on December 3rd. See “Tokyo” in a different light and get the whole action packed experience of this highly acclaimed Spanish drama. The actors and filmmakers open up about their artistic processes. Watch the trailer below and the whole 52min on Netflix

2. Looking for a documentary on expose’s of greed, corruption and stories of corporate scandals? Get insight on Donald Trump’s business including some shady deals. Stream “Dirty Money” on Netflix

3. Watch “Rotten”. A docuseries revolving around the food supply chain. It reveals truths about what we eat. It is an investigative documentary focusing on corruption on the global food supply chain.

4. Stream “World’s Most Wanted” and watch how the world’s five most wanted criminals have avoided capture despite massive reward offers offered for their capture and mind blowing resources availed for investigations. Watch the docuseries on Netflix


5. Fueled by shocking murders and perplexing disappearances, “Unsolved Mysteries” is set to keep you at the edge of your seat. If you are an ardent fan of crime TV Shows and true Crime Documentaries, this ominous, thrilling and investigative documentary is for you. Stream here

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