WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature, Archived Chats to Remain Hidden Even After New text is Received

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Well for a while now , WhatsApp’s Mute feature does not necessarily give users what they actually want. Literally ”mute”. Starting today, The Archive WhatsApp feature will give the users more control of their chats. New WhatsApp settings for archived chats will allow users to focus on the most important chats and messages.

Many WhatsApp users have been asking why the Archived chats can’t remain just that. Archived chats tucked away and not popping up after new messages have been received. This will now be the case. They will remain Archived and muted until one chooses to move or change them back ; Even when new messages are added to the thread.

In a statement explaining the change, They said, ” “We know that not everything always needs to be front and center for you. We want to make sure that WhatsApp remains a private and secure place where you can speak to the people who are most important to you and where you’re in control of your messages.”

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