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It’s always a gender issue when it comes to finances. who is supposed to cater for what or should we now go dutch? However, one thing that stands out is the fact that women want men to date them despite their financial situation but same rule does not apply to men. Well, what would happen if men also decided to avoid broke women? In this case gold diggers.

Most women feel entitled to men’s hard earned money and will only look for loaded men to treat them without them putting in any effort in their work or hustles. This free loaders are likely to demotivate you, hinder your development and growth whilst bringing nothing on the table but endless financial demands. Men should not be used as poverty eradication plans.


Women who date for money are likely to leave when you get broke. When money stops talking, they start walking. It’s ironic that they are the first to criticize men if you don’t have a car, or a good house and other things which according to them you must own as a man, but the question is, “what do they have?”

It is important to note that there are some men who are comfortable with this arrangement and don’t mind parting with their hard earned money just for this type of women. In this case , to each their own. Not sure whether it’s worth their while, but also it depends with what the said men are after in this kinds of relationships. It’s important for men not to lose themselves in this relationships.

So are broke women expected to just stay in their lane and not exploit men for luxury and good lives (which they can not afford) Are we shaming them for wanting more than is available for them? I don’t think so. Is it more expensive being a woman because of patriarchy and are some of this relationships just transactional? Maybe a ‘good time’ and ‘trophy girlfriends’ to impress the public.

Times have changed. It’s 2021 and most women are getting more into their careers and forfeiting marriage and even relationships. More women are going for financial freedom. Financial independence comes with it’s benefits like power and respect.

It’s time for men to shun broke women as well and this will be okay. They tend to do the least but complain the most, for luxuries that they can barely afford themselves and are barely making any effort to own.

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