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Popular e-hailing app Bolt launched a “women only” service that allows women to only request rides from women drivers only earlier this month. The service addition is only visible to female clients and was launched after complains by women clients over harassment by the male drivers.

Bolt frequently responds to complains from clients and gives out a course of action.

This Bolt service has not been well received because of differences in prices for available riding options. Lucy who prefers a normal Lite which will cost her 1360 shillings , will have to pay extra to get a ride on the Women only option which sometimes is not available.

A Bolt Ride to the same destination.

The Estonian mobility company gave women a better option but it seems to not be good enough. A case of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t?”

“We want a women’s only riders” After “Bolt knows they have abusers that’s why they have brought the women’s only option” Okay, honestly What do we really want?

Kelly – Twitter.

Complains have flooded social media platforms since the launch of this service with many calling out the e-hailing app sexist and others wondering whether this is an acknowledgement that Bolt is actually not safe for women or even whether there is nothing they can do about drivers with crude behavior.

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