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Kenyan Blogger’s fans were excited when he announced his intentions to vie for MP in Westlands in 2022. He announced this almost 3 months ago.

“I will be the Member of Parliament of Westlands Constituency in 2022. Let’s show them the POWER of social media and the power of the YOUTH in Kenya who are TIRED of OLD and USELESS politicians!!!! I BELIEVE WE WILL WIN!!! OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!” He tweeted.

His recent request for financial help to register his own political party has invited different reactions from netizens. Making the request on Twitter and on Instagram, the Blogger urged willing supporters to reach out to him via Email.

The same request was met with questions and rejection from fans on Instagram.

“There is serious lack of seriousness in your request. The season to register political parties is long gone. This call for help exposes you as a radarless human being. Go seek a nomination ticket to run as an independent. People you want support from are busy addressing more pressing issues such as putting food before them. 👊👊👊sirantonio01

Fanya club covid moja uwaiibie😂😂muriuki_davis

“You can vie as an independent candidate as long as you satisfy the requirements of Article 99. What do you need a party for, its only you? If they are other youth who wish to join you and vie for other seats, then kujeni wote and say we are starting a political, Kenyans want full disclosure, otherwise i don’t see the need for a party if the candidate is one.gishengicheru

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