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Travelling is exciting. You have your flight or bus booked, travel date is set. You have probably bought a new outfit for the journey. Going through the internet to see nearby locations. This is important as you need maximize and get the most out of your travel destination.

Your phone of course is the first essential. To make it a tad easier, let’s go through a variety of basic necessities. Remember to get a clear update on the weather before travelling.

  • Plan a good set of clothes. This depends on your destination. Is it filled with beaches, is it snowy, hot or cold? In each case pack the relevant clothing. Cardigans, sweaters in case it will get chilly or cold. Carry casual outfits if it’s warm. Light wear will work perfectly. Accessorize with hats, shorts or t-shirts.
  • Remember to carry sets of toiletries in your bag. Some people prefer to purchase toiletries instead once they get to their destination. If this works better for you, then there is n o harm. Carry delicates in a carry-on bag as well.
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  • Take care of your well being by carrying sanitizers and comfortable face masks. It is important to take care of yourself as travel destinations, airports and most public places are mostly crowded. This is to ensure you stay safe in this Covid-19 era.
  • Pack your most essential travelling accessories in a portable bag. This includes an extra mask, a small sanitizer for easy access, lip balm, a pair of sunglasses and of course your phone. I know you rarely forget this one. For selfies, videos, well basically to document your trip.
  • Don’t forget to include a neck pillow in your travel bag. Travelling can get tedious and long sometimes. Avoid neck pains.
  • I know I need entertainment. Well you do too to avoid boredom. You can read a book, listen to music or play a game. It can be fun having a good conversation with your travelling partner.
  • Be safe too by carrying some basic medication. Headaches, stomachaches and other minor “illnesses” can cause discomfort. Some painkillers can come in handy.
  • Carry moisturizers and sunscreen to protect your skin from adverse weather conditions e.g. sunlight.

You also need money which depends on why you are travelling, your destination and the activities you intend to participate in.

Your essentials may vary.

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